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After an initial slow start, PSL has picked up gear and the schedule and venues of the season 4 is out. The PSL 4 will start on February 14, 2019 in UAE. The number of teams is same as the 2018 edition and people are gearing up for all the action, players and matches that the upcoming season will come up with.



PSL 2019 Venues: 4 New Cities to Host the Series

The 8 initial matches are supposed to be held in Dubai, whereas the last 8 matches including the Final in Karachi will be conducted in Pakistan.

Following are the venues of 4th Season of Pakistan Super League:

  • Dubai (14 matches)
  • Sharjah (8 matches)
  • Abu Dhabi (4 matches)
  • Lahore (3 matches)
  • Karachi (5 matches)


Gradual increase in matches in Pakistan

Initially, the number of matches conducted in Pakistan in 2016 was none and that increased to 3 matches in the following season. The cricket board is hoping to improve the aforementioned statistics and some reports say that they are hoping to bring the opening ceremony of the games to Pakistan. No formal confirmation of the mentioned rumors has been issued and it remains to be seen. A total of 34 matches will be held and each team would have played 10 times by the end of the league stage of the tournament and the top four sides then competed in a playoff.


Opening Ceremony: Time and Venue

According to previous records and assumptions, the opening ceremony for the PSL 4 will be held in Dubai at 7:00 pm UAE time/ 8:00 pm Pakistan time and the first match will begin at 9:00 pm UAE time.



Time schedule of PSL matches

The final match held in Karachi will begin at 7:00 pm Pakistan time. The rest of the matches have a general schedule for the day matches at 3:30 pm UAE time/ 4:30 pm Pakistan time and night matches at 8:00 pm UAE time/ 9:00 pm Pakistan time.

You can view complete schedule for the series where we have listed details for each of the 34 matches.

Management team is endeavoring the venues for PSL in other Pakistani cities as well. The PCB management is on bringing the cricket back on Pakistani grounds and hoping to expand the places of the match to Lahore, Rawalpindi and Sindh as well.

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