Who will Win the T20 World Cup 2021 (PREDICTIONS)

Who will win T20 World Cup - Predictions
October 3, 2021
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The Twenty20 Championship 2021 is scheduled to begin in October of this year. Following the postponement of the tournament in 2020, this forthcoming season of the Twenty20 WC is eagerly anticipated. Even though India was scheduled to organize the event, the BCCI made the smart choice to relocate the event to the Oman and United Arab Emirates because of the possibility of a 3rd wave hitting the nation.

Since the top eight countries in the ICC Twenty20 ranking list have automatically qualified, several additional squads will be competing in the current championship 2021. In the initial round, eight squads would compete for qualifying. For the top 12 phases of the event, two squads from every Group (A and B) would get a spot in the top eight teams.


Predictions for the Twenty20 World Cup Stages

Bangladesh and Sri Lanka seem to be two outstanding squads in a group, both of which possess a strong possibility of entering the Super 12. No one has the reason to question either squad’s ability to dominate their particular groups with perfect ease. Namibia can qualify for the Top 12 at the cost of either Ireland or the Netherlands; however, we wouldn’t be shocked if another country qualified.


Predictions for Super 12

New Zealand, the West Indies, Australia, and Pakistan would compete in Group 1 with the top 2 squads from Group A. The best two squads in Group B would be joining Group 2 with South Africa, Afghanistan, England, and India.

Some believe that one of England, Australia, Pakistan, or India can claim the championship; while writing, these four squads are rated first through fourth.

Michael Vaughan, retired England’s squad captain, predicts England and India would face off in the upcoming 2021 World Cup final, with England coming out on top.


Analyzing the semi-finalists for the Twenty20 League in 2021

Predictions for Pakistan

Pakistan has been performing exceptionally well from the last 2 Twenty20 World Cups. It became their 1st World Twenty20 championship, having lost against India during the initial match at South Africa in 2007 after they overcame Sri Lanka by winning the finals at the UK in that year’s Twenty20 tournament. After ending as semifinalists for the 2010 event, the team advanced to the finals during the 2012 event. Last season around, Pakistan ended 4th in the group following three losses in their four games.

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The Indian team won the first Twenty20 world cup by defeating Pakistan by five runs in the final hosted by South Africa in 2007. Following the three lost semi-final performances, India finished second in 2014, falling against Sri Lanka in the finals in Dhaka. After losing 2 out of 4 games, the team was ranked 2nd in the Top 10 category with three victories.


South Africa

South Africa has failed to win a Twenty20 World Cup. Consequently, the 2014 and 2009 seasons yielded the highest performances, with the team reaching semi-finals. The Proteas ended 3rd in the group having two victories and two defeats, just losing out on the semi-final position in the previous Top 10 round.



England won the West Indies event in 2010 with a straightforward seven-wicket win against Australia.

In both seasons, organized by Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in 2012 and 2014, respectively, the English team failed to go beyond the quarter-final stage. After two dismal seasons, England claimed its 1st Twenty20 World Championship in 2016. The squad ranked second in the competition after failing the finals against West Indies in Kolkata.



The Australians placed 3rd in the group rankings after completing the Top 10 phase in the 2016 edition of World Twenty20 held in India, earning two victories and two defeats from 4 games. Australia entered the semifinals in Sri Lanka and South Africa, first in 2007, then five years later. After falling in the finals against England in Bridgetown, the Australian squad placed second during the Caribbean edition in 2010. They did not have a good experience the last two times team went.

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Sri Lanka

When Sri Lanka defeated India convincingly in the 2014 Twenty20 World Cup finals in Dhaka, it became their 1st Twenty20 World Cup victory. Runners-up in England in 2009 after failing to Pakistan, and runner-up in Colombo in 2012 against West Indies. Sri Lanka failed to move above the playoffs the last time they played in India, losing 3 of 4 matches.


New Zealand

New Zealand entered the semi-finals of the initial event but could not advance to the final stages on four subsequent times. The New Zealand team entered semi-finals  in the 2016 Twenty20 Tournament held in India. They claimed all four matches they participated in, leaping squad to the 1st rank of the top 10 rankings. New Zealand was defeated by England team despite an outstanding performance in the Twenty20 world cup semi-finals held at Delhi.



Bangladesh hasn’t ever reached a Twenty20 World Championship semi-final before. In 2009, 2010, and 2012, they did not even make it beyond the first group stage. Bangladesh reached the Top 10 round after winning 2 of its 1st three games last year, including a loss. They ended just at the Top 10 group rankings after failing all four games — against Pakistan, Australia, and India.



Afghanistan would have the potential of making it to the Top 12 group phase. Rashid Khan’s team is in the same group as New Zealand, Pakistan, and India. Two more squads would hardly create too much difficulty for Afghanistan in the long run.

They should, therefore, play effectively against New Zealand, Pakistan, and India to improve their possibilities of reaching the semifinals. Afghanistan might win the ICC Twenty20 World Cup this year if the proper ingredients are put together.

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Who Will Claim the 2021 Twenty20 World Cup?

All six teams who qualified for the Twenty20 World Cup did so via 2019 qualifiers, yet neither of them has a possibility of progressing above the Top 10 round, let alone claiming the event. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are unlikely to get to the semi-finals since they need to play in the 1st round.

Afghanistan has won a straight trip to the Top 10, an extraordinary accomplishment for the underdogs. They do not appear to be making this to the elimination phase. Despite a stronger rival, the reigning champions, West Indies, have lost much of their sharpness. Pakistan’s batting might suffer in such circumstances, as South Africa seems to be in a changing period.

Experts anticipate four squads would reach the semi-finals: England, New Zealand, India, and Australia. There seems to be sufficient talent in the bowling and batting divisions of India, New Zealand, and Australia to drive teams to the championship’s finals. Accordingly, these three squads are presently placed 4th, 5th, and 6th in the International Twenty20 rankings.

Australia, from the other side, is regarded as among the year’s most formidable competitors. The comeback of Steve Smith and David Warner has improved the team’s batting order.

The Indian squad must have the advantage because Indian players have practiced many times in UAE during the previous two years. Indian players played admirably in the Indian Premier League in the United Arab Emirates.



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