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KPL Schedule
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Kashmir Premier League is another Pakistani T20-format cricket series, featuring highly talented teams from Azad Kashmir. This will prove to be a giant leap towards shifting the world’s view about Kashmir and provide exposure to the young and skilled individuals from that region. Here you will find complete KPL schedule for the year 2022 with all match results.


KPL 2022 Schedule PDF

Here you can download the schedule of Kashmir Premier League Schedule 2022 in PDF format.


KPL 2022 Start Date

This year, Kashmir Premier League will kick off on August 13, 2022. The start date was announced by the president Mr. Muhammad Arif Malik earlier in July. The final match will be played on August 26th, followed by a colorful ending ceremony. There will be a total of 25 matches which includes a couple qualifiers and eliminators.

Read further to find more information about the host, venue, schedule and fixtures for KPL season 2.


Kashmir Premier League Schedule 2022 (New)

Following is the complete schedule of KPL season 2.

DayDate#MatchTime (PST)
Saturday13-Aug1Rawalakot Hawks vs. Jammu Janbaz7:00 PM (Night)
Sunday14-Aug2Kotli Lions vs. Mirpur Royals2:00 PM (Noon)
Sunday14-Aug3Muzaffarabad Tigers vs. Bagh Stallions7:00 PM (Night)
Monday15-Aug4Jammu Janbaz vs. Overseas Warriors2:00 PM (Noon)
Monday15-Aug5Bagh Stallions vs. Mirpur Royals7:00 PM (Night)
Tuesday16-Aug6Muzaffarabad Tigers vs. Rawlakot Hawks2:00 PM (Noon)
Tuesday16-Aug7Kotli Lions vs. Overseas Warriors7:00 PM (Night)
Wednesday17-Aug8Jammu Janbaz vs. Muzaffarabad Tigers2:00 PM (Noon)
Wednesday17-Aug9Rawlakot Hawks vs. Bagh Stallions7:00 PM (Night)
Thursday18-Aug10Mirpur Royals vs. Overseas Warriors2:00 PM (Noon)
Thursday18-Aug11Jammu Janbaz vs. Kotli Lions7:00 PM (Night)
Friday19-Aug12Rawalakot Hawks vs. Mirpur Royals2:00 PM (Noon)
Friday19-Aug13Overseas Warriors vs. Muzaffarabad Tigers7:00 PM (Night)
Saturday20-Aug14Bagh Stallions vs. Kotli Lions2:00 PM (Noon)
Saturday20-Aug15Mirpur Royals vs. Jammu Janbaz7:00 PM (Night)
Sunday21-Aug16Kotli Lions vs. Muzaffarabad Tigers2:00 PM (Noon)
Sunday21-Aug17Rawalakot Hawks vs Overseas Warriors7:00 PM (Night)
Monday22-Aug18Jammu Janbaz vs Bagh Stallions2:00 PM (Noon)
Monday22-Aug19Muzaffarabad Tigers vs Mirpur Royals7:00 PM (Night)
Tuesday23-Aug20Bagh Stallions vs Overseas Warriors2:00 PM (Noon)
Tuesday23-Aug21Kotli Lions vs Rawalakot Hawks7:00 PM (Night)
Thursday25-AugELIMINATOR 2Loser of Qualifier vs Winner of Eliminator 17:00 PM (Night)
Friday26-AugFINALWinner of Qualifier vs Winner of Eliminator 27:00 PM (Night)




KPL 2022 Overview

NameKashmir Premier League
Managing Country:Pakistan
Administrator:Pakistan Cricket Board
Format:Twenty20 (Round Robin and Playoffs)
Debut Edition:2021
No. of Teams:8
PresidentMuhammad Arif Malik
CEOCh. Shahzad Akhtar
Executive DirectorAnjum Chohan
Director OperationsZulfiqar Feroze Ahmed
Brand AmbassadorShahid Afridi
Defending Champion:Rawlakot Hawks
Broadcasting Channels:PTV Sports, Geo Super
Facebook Page:
First KPL Winner:Rawalakot Hawks
Partners and Sponsors:PCB, Cutting Edge Group and GEO Super, Govt. of Azad Jammu and Kashmir


KPL Fixtures



KPL 2022 Schedule for Each Squad

Here are the fixtures for each of the KPL teams for the 2022 season:

Mirpur Royals

Represents the Mirpur city.

DayDateMatchTime (PST)
Friday6-AugMirpur Royals vs. Rawalakot Hawks8:30 PM
Sunday8-AugMirpur Royals vs. Bagh Stallions2:00 PM
Monday9-AugMirpur Royals vs. Overseas Warriors 2:00 PM
Wednesday11-AugMirpur Royals vs. Kotli Lions 7:30 PM
Friday13-AugMirpur Royals vs. Muzaffarabad Tigers7:30 PM



Rawalakot Hawks

The team from Rawalakot city.

DayDateMatchTime (PST)
Friday6-AugRawalakot Hawks vs. Mirpur Royals8:30 PM
Sunday8-AugRawalakot Hawks vs. Kotli Lions7:30 PM
Monday9-AugRawalakot Hawks vs. Muzaffarabad Tigers7:30 PM
Wednesday11-AugRawalakot Hawks vs. Bagh Stallions2:00 PM
Thursday12-AugRawalakot Hawks vs. Overseas Warriors3:30 PM


Bagh Stallions

This team represents Bagh area of AJK.

DayDateMatchTime (PST)
Saturday7-AugBagh Stallions vs. Kotli Lions2:00 PM
Sunday8-AugBagh Stallions vs. Mirpur Royals2:00 PM
Tuesday10-AugBagh Stallions vs. Overseas Warriors7:30 PM
Wednesday11-AugBagh Stallions vs. Rawalakot Hawks 2:00 PM
Thursday12-AugBagh Stallions vs. Muzaffarabad Stallions10:00 AM


Kotli Lions

Representing Kotli region of Azad Kashmir.

DayDateMatchTime (PST)
Saturday7-AugKotli Lions vs. Bagh Stallions 2:00 PM
Sunday8-AugKotli Lions vs. Rawalakot Hawks7:30 PM
Tuesday10-AugKotli Lions vs. Muzaffarabad Tigers2:00 PM
Wednesday11-AugKotli Lions vs. Mirpur Royals7:30 PM
Friday13-AugKotli Lions vs. Overseas Warriors2:00 PM



Overseas Warriors

This team represents Kashmiri players living overseas.

DayDateMatchTime (PST)
Saturday7-AugOverseas Warriors vs. Muzaffarabad Tigers7:30 PM
Monday9-AugOverseas Warriors vs. Mirpur Royals2:00 PM
Tuesday10-AugOverseas Warriors vs. Bagh Stallions7:30 PM
Thursday12-AugOverseas Warriors vs. Rawalakot Hawks3:30 PM
Friday13-AugOverseas Warriors vs. Kotli Lions 2:00 PM


Muzaffarabad Tigers

Muzaffarabad Tigers represents the Muzaffarabad city in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

DayDateMatchTime (PST)
Saturday7-AugMuzaffarabad Tigers vs. Overseas Warriors 7:30 PM
Monday9-AugMuzaffarabad Tigers vs. Rawalakot Hawks7:30 PM
Tuesday10-AugMuzaffarabad Tigers vs. Kotli Lions 2:00 PM
Thursday12-AugMuzaffarabad Stallions vs. Bagh Stallions 10:00 AM
Friday13-AugMuzaffarabad Tigers vs. Mirpur Royals 7:30 PM


Jammu Janbaz

Newly inducted team in KPL representing Jammu region of Kashmir.




KPL 2022 Venues

This year, all matches of the highly awaited Kashmir Premier League 2022 will be played at the Muzaffarabad Cricket Stadium, Azad Kashmir. This stadium is the first LED stadium in Pakistan and offers a capacity of 18,000 people.


KPL 2022 Points Table

Here is the up to date standings and points chart for each franchise in the series.

To be updated.



The official song of Kashmir Premier League titled as “KHELO AZADI SE“. The anthem was aired on Feb 16, 2021 on Youtube. Song was sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and directed by Shaan Shahid.


Kashmir Premier League Live Broadcast

To watch Kashmir Premier League live broadcast, simply tune on PTV Sports. Tapmad app is also offering the live streaming of KPL matches. Following are major options to stream the matches live:

  • PTV Sports
  • Geo Super


Winner of Kashmir Premier League 2021

Rawalakot Hawks lift the trophy of the first edition of KPL (2021).





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