Quetta Gladiators Lineup for PSL 2024

Quetta Gladiators Players List for 2024
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The Quetta Gladiators Squad 2024, under Sarfaraz Ahmed’s leadership, is preparing for the 9th Pakistan Super League (PSL) edition. Aiming to harness Sarfaraz’s strategic prowess, the team from Balochistan seeks to enhance their performance and vie for the top position this season.

This detailed analysis provides a closer look at the Quetta Gladiators for PSL 9, covering the match schedule, leadership, team composition—including coaches, bowlers, and batsmen—and the batting order. It highlights key players and outlines potential strategies, offering fans a preview of the Gladiators’ balanced and strategic approach to competing in PSL 2024.



Quetta Gladiators Final Players List (Category-wise)

The Quetta Gladiators have assembled a diverse and dynamic squad for PSL 2024, featuring a mix of seasoned international players and promising local talent.

Key names in various categories include:

  • Platinum: Rilee Rossouw, Sherfane Rutherford, Mohammad Amir
  • Diamond: Jason Roy, Wanindu Hasaranga, Mohammad Wasim Jr.
  • Gold: Mohammad Hasnain, Abrar Ahmed, Sarfaraz Ahmed (Captain)
  • Silver: Will Smeed, Usman Qadir, Sajjad Ali Jnr, Saud Shakeel, Umair bin Yousuf
  • Emerging: Khawaja Nafay, Adil Naz
  • Supplementary: Akeal Hussain, Sohail Khan



Quetta Gladiators Overview and Highlights

Owner: Nadeem Omar

Brand Ambassador: Sarfaraz Ahmed

Winning Prediction: 70%



Coaching and Support Staff

Shane Watson – Head Coach

  • Philosophy: Watson, a former international cricket star, brings a philosophy of aggressive cricket with a focus on mental toughness and adaptability.
  • Impact: His experience in international cricket, especially in T20 leagues worldwide, provides invaluable insights into high-pressure game situations.


Shaun Tait – Bowling Coach

  • Role: Tait, known for his fast bowling, focuses on developing the team’s pace attack, emphasizing speed and accuracy.
  • Contribution: His expertise is particularly crucial in nurturing young fast bowlers and strategizing against opposition batsmen.

The support staff’s collective experience and strategic approach play a vital role in team preparation and on-field performance, making them a crucial component of the Gladiators’ setup.



Quetta Gladiators Batsmen and Bowlers for PSL 9

Batting Order

Here is the list of batsmen in the Quetta Gladiators squad placed in the sequence of their batting:

Jason RoyRHB
Khawaja Mohammad NafayRHB
Laurie EvansRHB
Will SmeedRHB
Sherfane RutherfordLHB
Saud ShakeelLHB
Rilee RussouwLHB
Sajjad Ali JnrRHB
Omair Bin YousufRHB



Following is Quetta Gladiators bowlers list for PSL 9 (2024).

Mohammad AmirRight arm fast medium
Sohail KhanRight arm fast
Akeal HosainLeft arm orthodox
Abrar AhmedRight arm leg break
Mohammad HusnainRight arm fast
Usman QadirRight arm leg break
Adil NazRight arm medium fast



Quetta Gladiators Schedule for PSL 2024

Discover the Quetta Gladiators’ match fixtures for the 2024 edition. Anticipate a season filled with thrilling encounters, where home ground strengths and travel strategies significantly influence their performance.

118-FebPeshawar ZalmiGaddafi Stadium Lahore
219-FebLahore QalandarsGaddafi Stadium Lahore
322-FebIslamabad UnitedGaddafi Stadium Lahore
425-FebMultan SultansMultan Cricket Stadium
529-FebKarachi KingsNational Stadium Karachi
62-MarIslamabad UnitedPindi Cricket Stadium, Rawalpindi
76-MarKarachi KingsPindi Cricket Stadium, Rawalpindi
88-MarPeshawar ZalmiPindi Cricket Stadium, Rawalpindi
910-MarLahore QalandarsNational Stadium Karachi
1012-MarMultan SultansNational Stadium Karachi



Journey of The Quetta Gladiators

The Quetta Gladiators have always been a team that embodies the spirit of innovation while staying true to their roots. This unique blend of tradition and modernity is evident in every aspect of their journey, from their ambassadors and sponsors to their franchise history and team identity.


The introduction of “Gladdy” as the official mascot in 2017 marked a significant milestone, making the Quetta Gladiators the first team in the tournament to have a mascot. This move was not just about adding a fun element to the team but also about creating a unique identity that fans could rally around.

The choice of pop singer Annie Khalid as the team ambassador in the same year, followed by the inclusion of notable personalities like footballer Kaleemullah and MMA fighter Ahmed Mujtaba, showcased the team’s commitment to embracing talent from diverse fields.

The addition of Maya Ali and Faakhir Mehmood as brand ambassadors in 2018 further solidified this approach. Maya Ali’s continued association with the team, along with actor Bilal Ashraf, underscores the lasting relationships the Gladiators build with their ambassadors.

The unveiling of the music video for the official anthem in 2022, featuring prominent actors and comedians, highlighted the team’s innovative approach to engaging with fans and creating a vibrant team culture.



The Quetta Gladiators’ journey has been supported by a diverse array of sponsors, from Edenrobe and ACM Gold in their inaugural season to Jubilee Insurance and Master Oil in subsequent years. Each sponsor has played a crucial role in the team’s development, providing the necessary resources to compete at the highest level. The evolution of sponsorship deals over the years reflects the growing appeal and success of the team.


Franchise History

Acquired by Omar Associates for US$11 Million in December 2015, the Quetta Gladiators’ journey from a new franchise to a household name is a testament to the vision and ambition of its owners. The team’s identity, encapsulated in its logo featuring the ancient Roman ‘Galea‘ helmet and its primary colors of purple and golden, reflects a deep respect for history and a fierce competitive spirit.



From “Chaa Jaye Quetta” in 2016 to “We’re The Champions” by Dwayne Bravo in 2023, the Quetta Gladiators’ anthems have been more than just songs; they’ve been rallying cries that unite fans and players alike. Each anthem, with its unique flavor and message, captures the essence of the team’s journey and aspirations.



Quetta Gladiators Captains

Since 2016, Sarfaraz Ahmed has been at the forefront of the Quetta Gladiators’ leadership, steering them through the highs and lows of the Pakistan Super League (PSL). His captaincy has been a blend of strategic insight and motivational leadership, guiding the team to their first PSL title in 2019. Sarfaraz’s role extends beyond tactics; he’s been instrumental in nurturing a team culture rooted in resilience and determination.

In 2023, Mohammad Nawaz briefly assumed captaincy for two matches, showcasing the team’s leadership depth and adaptability. This transition highlighted the Gladiators’ ability to maintain their competitive edge, even under temporary leadership changes.

Under Sarfaraz’s guidance, the Gladiators have transformed from newcomers to champions, with his leadership being a key factor in their success. As the team looks to the future, the combined leadership of Sarfaraz and Nawaz symbolizes the Gladiators’ ongoing quest for excellence and further achievements in the PSL.


PSL Live Streaming guide and PSL 2024 schedule is available now.



Quetta Gladiators Owner

Nadeem Omar, the visionary owner of the Quetta Gladiators, has been a cornerstone of the team’s success in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) since its inception in 2015.

His strategic foresight and passion for cricket have not only established the Gladiators as fierce competitors but also fostered a culture of innovation and integrity within the team.

Omar’s commitment extends beyond the cricket field, aiming to nurture young talent and engage deeply with fans, thereby contributing significantly to the sport’s development in Pakistan. His leadership is a testament to a love for the game that seeks to leave a lasting legacy in cricket.



Historical Performance Analysis

The Quetta Gladiators have had a rollercoaster journey in the PSL:

  • Championship Victory (2019): The pinnacle of their success, showcasing a balanced team effort.
  • Runner-Up Finishes (2016, 2017): Demonstrated their consistent performance, though falling just short of the title.
  • Challenges: The team has faced issues with consistency and closing out crucial matches in some seasons.

This historical perspective highlights their resilience and ability to bounce back, setting the stage for their aspirations in PSL 2024.



Team Dynamics and Strategy

The Quetta Gladiators’ squad for 2024 is a blend of experience and youth, aggression and finesse, speed and spin. This diversity is their biggest strength, allowing them to adapt to various match situations. The team’s strategy revolves around aggressive batting, spearheaded by Roy and Rossouw, coupled with a versatile bowling attack led by Amir and Hasaranga.


Leadership and Experience

Sarfaraz Ahmed’s leadership will be pivotal. His experience as a former national team captain and his ability to read the game make him an invaluable asset. His role as a wicketkeeper-batsman adds balance to the team.


Youth and Agility

The inclusion of emerging players like Nafay and Naz is a testament to the Gladiators’ commitment to nurturing future stars. Their energy and eagerness to prove themselves could be game-changing.


The All-Rounder Factor

All-rounders like Rutherford and Hasaranga bring a balance that allows the team to be flexible with their playing XI, depending on the conditions and the opposition.


Key Matchups to Watch

  • Quetta Gladiators vs. Peshawar Zalmi
  • Quetta Gladiators vs. Karachi Kings
  • Quetta Gladiators vs. Lahore Qalandars





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