CSA T20 Challenge Schedule 2021
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CSA T20 Challenge 2022 Schedule

Here is the complete schedule for CSA T20 challenge 2022. The league was started from Feb 07th and will run till Feb 27th. Just like every other season of the challenge, six domestic teams will be fighting for the prestigious title. The Mzansi Superleague is the international premier league held by the Cricket South Africa Board. But it is believed that holding the CSA T20 Challenge instead of the Mzansi Super league is beneficial as it is a completely domestic league, so it would be better for the up and coming homegrown young talented cricketers.



CSA T20 Challenge Fixtures 2022

DateMatchLocal TimeVenueResults
Feb 07 - MondayWestern Province vs Rocks10:00 AMPort ElizabethWestern Province won by 6 wickets
Feb 07 - MondayTitans vs Warriors2:30 PMPort ElizabethWarriors won by 8 runs
Feb 08 - TuesdayLions vs North West10:00 AMPort ElizabethNorth West won by 11 runs
Feb 08 - TuesdayKnights vs Dolphins2:30 PMPort ElizabethDolphins won by 8 wickets
Feb 09 - WednesdayRocks vs Titans10:00 AMPort ElizabethTitans won by 3 runs
Feb 09 - WednesdayWestern Province vs Warriors2:30 PMPort ElizabethWestern Province won by 7 wickets
Feb 10 - ThursdayNorth West vs Knights10:00 AMPort ElizabethNorth West won by 8 wickets
Feb 10 - ThursdayDolphins vs Lions2:30 PMPort ElizabethLions won by 8 runs
Feb 12 - SaturdayWarriors vs Dolphins10:00 AMPort ElizabethDolphins won by 20 runs
Feb 12 - SaturdayKnights vs Titans2:30 PMPort ElizabethTitans won by 27 runs
Feb 13 - SundayLions vs Western Province10:00 AMPort ElizabethWestern Province won by 5 wickets
Feb 13 - SundayRocks vs North West2:30 PMPort ElizabethRocks won the super over
Feb 14 - MondayTitans vs Dolphins10:00 AMPort ElizabethTitans won by 7 wickets
Feb 14 - MondayKnights vs Warriors2:30 PMPort ElizabethKnights won by 9 wickets
Feb 15 - TuesdayRocks vs Lions10:00 AMPort ElizabethRocks won by 44 runs
Feb 15 - TuesdayNorth West vs Western Province2:30 PMPort ElizabethWestern Province won by 84 runs


There are six participants in the league, and they represent a specific city or province. Due to the pandemic, every athletic and sports event has gone through drastic changes. Likewise, the CSA T20 Challenge 2022 schedule has gone through them as well. To ensure the safety and wellness of the players and staff, the league has adopted single-match qualifiers. Instead of facing every opponent twice, each team will face an opponent only once this season. The season kicks off with record titleholders Titans facing Warriors on March 10 in the SuperSport Park arena.



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