Details of PSL 2024 Draft – Player Picks for PSL Season 9

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The Pakistan Super League’s 2024 player draft, a cornerstone event for the upcoming cricket season, was held on December 13, 2023, at the National Cricket Academy in Lahore. This event was not just about player selection but a strategic blend of local and international cricket talents, setting the stage for an exciting season.



Strategic Preparations and Global Attention

In anticipation of the draft, teams had the opportunity to retain up to eight players and engage in strategic transfers. The Pakistan Cricket Board’s announcement granting Quetta Gladiators the first pick underscored the draft’s significance. The event garnered global attention with 493 foreign players registering, showcasing the league’s international appeal.


Draft Highlights: A Blend of Local and Global Talent

The draft featured top global players like Daniel Sams, Ben Duckett, and Kieron Pollard, representing countries such as Australia, England, and the West Indies. This mix of players underlines the PSL’s commitment to a diverse and high-caliber cricket competition.



Innovative Draft Strategies

Teams employed strategic acumen, with each having the chance to make a wildcard pick, adding an element of surprise. The introduction of the right-to-match card allowed franchises to reclaim a released player, adding a tactical layer to the draft process.


PSL 2024 Draft Pick Order

The draft order was thoughtfully set, starting with Multan Sultans, followed by Karachi Kings and Quetta Gladiators. This sequence, especially in the Platinum category, was designed to reflect the previous season’s standings inversely, ensuring a balanced talent distribution.

PSL 9 Pick Order


Team Rosters: A Detailed Analysis

Each team’s roster was carefully crafted, reflecting their strategic approach. For instance:

  • Islamabad United focused on a blend of emerging talent like Hunain Shah and experienced players like Jordan Cox.
  • Karachi Kings made a significant move by selecting Kieron Pollard, adding a powerful all-rounder to their squad.
  • Lahore Qalandars balanced their lineup with a mix of local and international players, including the skilled batsman Fakhar Zaman.

Here is the complete list of players for PSL 2024.



Strategic Trades and Transfers

The season witnessed key trades, such as Hasan Ali moving to Karachi Kings and Imad Wasim joining Islamabad United. These moves indicate the teams’ strategic planning for a balanced team composition.

Key Transfers:

  • Hasan Ali and Islamabad’s first-round silver pick were traded from Islamabad United to Karachi Kings, marking a significant shift. In return, Karachi sent Imad Wasim and their second-round silver pick to Islamabad, stirring the pot of team strategies.
  • Iftikhar Ahmed and Quetta’s first-round platinum pick moved from Quetta Gladiators to Multan Sultans, exchanged for Rilee Rossouw and Multan’s first-round silver pick. This trade reflects a calculated move, aiming to bolster team strengths.
  • Naseem Shah and Quetta’s third-round platinum pick found a new home with Islamabad United, traded for Mohammad WasimAbrar Ahmed, and Islamabad’s first-round platinum pick. This move hints at a strategic reshuffle, aiming for a fresh team synergy.
  • Shan Masood and Multan’s fourth-round silver pick were traded to Karachi Kings, exchanged for Faisal Akram and Karachi’s first-round silver pick. Additionally, Karachi and Multan swapped their first-round diamond picks, adding another layer to the strategic maneuvering.


Confirmed Trades:

  • Imad Wasim, the long-time captain of Karachi Kings, made a significant move to Islamabad United, aligning with his city-based franchise and marking a new chapter in his PSL journey.
  • Hasan Ali, previously with Peshawar Zalmi and then Islamabad, has now joined Karachi Kings, adding his prowess to their lineup.
  • Rilee Rossouw and Iftikhar Ahmed were central to a major trade between Quetta and Multan, with both teams aligning their rosters for a balanced team composition.
  • After deliberations, Naseem Shah was released by Quetta Gladiators to join Islamabad United, with Abrar Ahmed and Mohammad Wasim Jnr moving in the opposite direction. However, Naseem’s injury might impact his participation at the start of PSL 2024.


Rumored Moves:

  • Mohammad Amir is rumored to be leaving Karachi Kings. However, the absence of a suitable trade deal might lead him to the open draft, leaving his future team a subject of keen speculation.

These strategic trades and transfers are not just about changing jerseys; they’re about reshaping strategies, redefining team dynamics, and setting the stage for a season filled with thrilling cricket action. Fans are on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the unfolding of PSL 2024.


Relegation Requests

Teams utilized relegation requests to adjust player categories, reflecting deep strategic planning. The PCB allows teams to submit relegation requests, letting them adjust a player’s category to better fit the team’s needs. This isn’t just paperwork; it’s about mutual agreement between the team and the player.

Before the PSL 2024 draft, Lahore Qalandars, Karachi Kings, and Islamabad United each made a calculated move by relegating one player:

  • Lahore Qalandars: Mirza Tahir Baig
  • Karachi Kings: Mir Hamza
  • Islamabad United: Rumman Raees

These moves reflect the deep strategy and planning that shape a successful team. For cricket fans, these aren’t just changes; they’re insights into the thoughtful tactics of the sport. As PSL 2024 approaches, fans are eagerly watching these developments, supporting their teams and looking forward to an exciting season.


Conclusion: Anticipation for PSL 2024

The strategic trades, transfers, and draft picks have set the stage for an electrifying PSL 2024. Fans eagerly await the unfolding of the season, anticipating thrilling cricket action and dynamic team performances.



Frequently Asked Questions – PSL Draft Rules

1. How does the PSL draft work?

The PSL draft is a process where teams select players to fill their squads. Before the draft, teams can retain a certain number of players from their previous squad. The draft itself is structured in rounds, with each team getting a pick in each round. The order of picks is usually based on the teams’ performance in the previous season, with the aim of promoting competitive balance. Teams select players from different categories (Platinum, Diamond, Gold, Silver, Emerging, and Supplementary), with each category having its own set of rules regarding player salaries and the number of picks allowed.


2. How does the PSL auction work?

Unlike an auction, the PSL uses a draft system. In an auction, players are bid on and sold to the highest bidder, while in a draft, teams take turns selecting players without a bidding process. The PSL draft ensures that each team gets a fair chance to select players based on the predetermined order, which is designed to maintain competitive balance among the teams.


3. What is the purse for the PSL draft?

The purse for the PSL draft varies each season and is not typically disclosed publicly in the same manner as some other leagues. Each team has a salary cap that they must adhere to when selecting their squad. This cap ensures that teams spend within a set limit, promoting parity among the teams. The salary cap covers the salaries of all players a team selects in the draft.


4. What is the age limit for emerging PSL players?

The PSL has a category called “Emerging Players,” aimed at promoting young talent. While the specific age limit can vary slightly from season to season, it generally includes players who are under 23 years old at the start of the calendar year in which the season is played. The purpose is to encourage teams to invest in and develop young, local talent, providing a pathway for these players to progress to higher levels of cricket.


5. What is the Maximum Number of Players Allowed in Each Squad?

Each team in the league has the opportunity to craft a dynamic and robust squad by retaining up to eight players from the previous year’s lineup. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has set the squad size at 18 players, ensuring that teams have ample options to navigate through the challenges of injuries or international duties.

The composition of an 18-member squad is meticulously structured to include 3 Platinum, 3 Diamond, 3 Gold, 5 Silver, 2 Emerging, and 2 Supplementary players. This diverse mix not only fosters a balanced and competitive environment but also allows teams to strategize their lineup effectively, ensuring a thrilling and action-packed season for fans and players alike.



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