How to Watch T20 World Cup 2022 Live in India?

Watch T20 World Cup Live in India
October 20, 2022
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In this post, we will learn how to watch T20 World Cup 2022 live matches in India.

The joy of watching cricket is often an enjoyable moment that lifts our spirits instantly. When it comes to watching the favorite sport, a majority of the answers will pop up to shout out the name, Cricket. The intense patience to see their best teams emerge as the final winner of the matches gives people immense joy. Such is the craze of watching the world cup, not just in India but worldwide.

Due to the pandemic, there had been a change in the schedule of the world cup that it had to be postponed to the following year, considering the increasing travel restrictions and COVID cases. The official announcement of the fixtures of the world cup has instantly boosted the spirits of people and sets the ground for yet another enthralling moment of joy.



T20 World Cup Live TV Channels India- Broadcast Rights

  1. Star Sports (Hotstar) has taken the final call to make the coverage of the matches live.
  2. DD National is another channel that provides live coverage of the world cup.
  3. DD Sports is also another option that provides the live streaming of the matches.


T20 World Cup Live Streaming Apps India

T20 World Cup Live Streaming Apps India

  • Dinsey+Hotstar has come with their mobile application that lets the users watch the matches live with the best streaming quality.
  • The SonyLiv app is also a good choice for the live streaming of matches.
  • ESPN mobile application is another option for the users to stay updated with live match scores.
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T20 World Cup Live Streaming Free Options India

The official ICC mobile application is available for download. The users can enjoy the matches with a good streaming quality as well. Sky Sports also provides a mobile application to watch the matches live and also free of cost.


How to Watch T20 World Cup with Hotstar?

Hoststar allows the users to select the desired sport and watch the matches live. However, it comes with a paid subscription. Hotstar provides the best streaming levels with high quality. Hence the users can watch the matches with the same effect irrespective of the paid subscription the users have to make. It requires the users to log in and then dive into the world of desired sport. It provides the option to watch the match highlights, the latest scores, and the match replays. So it is an option worth considering as far as the T20 World Cup is considered.


How to Watch World Cup Matches in Other Countries?


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