PSL’s Game-Changer: Understanding the Right to Match Card

February 2, 2024
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The Pakistan Super League (PSL) stands out in the world of cricket not only for its competitive matches but also for its unique strategic components, one of which is the Right to Match (RTM) Card. This feature adds a layer of depth and tactical nuance to the league.

In this guide, let’s explore what the RTM Card is, why it’s significant, and the role it plays in shaping the teams and outcomes of the PSL.


What is the Right to Match Card?

The RTM Card is a powerful tool used during the PSL players’ draft. It gives PSL teams the ability to retain a player from their previous squad. Essentially, if a player from a team’s last season is up for grabs and another team bids for them, the original team can use the RTM Card to match the bid and retain the player.


Strategic Importance of the RTM Card

  1. Team Composition: The RTM Card plays a crucial role in maintaining a team’s core group. It allows teams to develop a long-term strategy by retaining key players, fostering team chemistry, and building a consistent performance base.
  2. Auction Dynamics: The presence of the RTM Card adds a layer of complexity to the auction process. Teams must strategically decide which player is worth using their RTM Card for, considering the player’s form, fit in the team, and the bid amount.
  3. Psychological Play: The RTM Card introduces a psychological element to the auction. Teams might bid on a player they don’t necessarily want, just to inflate the price for the team likely to use the RTM Card.
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Rules and Limitations

  • One-Time Use: Each team is allowed to use the RTM Card only once during the draft.
  • Set Fee: The team must pay a set fee to match the highest bid made for the player in question.
  • Strategic Decision: The decision to use the RTM Card must be made immediately after the highest bid is announced, adding a time-sensitive, strategic layer to the process.


Impact on Player Auctions

The RTM Card significantly impacts player auctions. Teams often have to strategize not just around who they want to pick but also around who they might lose to other teams. It adds an element of surprise and excitement to the auction, making it a highly anticipated event in the PSL calendar.



  1. Can a team use the RTM Card for any player?
    • Teams can only use the RTM Card for players who were part of their squad in the previous season.


  1. Is there a limit to the bid amount that can be matched?
    • The team must match the highest bid made for the player, regardless of the amount.


  1. How does the RTM Card affect player morale?
    • Being retained through an RTM Card often boosts a player’s morale, as it shows the team’s confidence in their abilities and value.


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